What Our Clients Say About Us

Jakco Code

"Michel is very generous with his time and a joy to converse with. He genuinely gets excited about getting your best photos!"

Yeniko Ta

"I absolutely loved my experience with Michel. He is such a talented photographer. I’ve struggled with my self esteem all my life and could never look at myself in the mirror- never less take casual photos. I would literally throw a tantrum whenever somebody takes a photo of me!!! However after such kind words of affirmation from Michel, I was able to finally feel good about myself enough to take photos. His photos turned out amazing! Through his photos, for the first time in my life I finally felt like I liked myself."

Ner Singh

"Great photos and awesome experience working with Michel. He is very professional, in depth knowledge on photography and makes you feel very comfortable during photoshoot. Love the final pictures and quality of work!! Highly recommended!!"

Audelino Melgar

"Michel is a master at capturing professional yet welcoming portraits.
I consider myself non-photogenic...but Michel is able to make you comfortable and walk you thru the process effectively and while making it fun!"

Joanne Olsen

"Incredibly professional - took a ton of time and the pictures reflected that.. highly recommend him."

Victoria & Alex

"My fiancé and I recently had some lovely headshots and engagement photos taken by Michel. Neither of us particularly enjoy being in front of the camera, but Michel made us feel totally at ease, directing us with poses and facial expressions along the way. For our engagement session on the beach, Michel went the extra mile and purchased a small pop-up changing booth so that I could change into my several different outfits without needing to run back and forth to the car.
Also, we really appreciated that Michel wore a mask during both sessions and helped us remain socially distant.

After our sessions, Michel scheduled some time to go through the pictures together to pick out our favorites. I was expecting to love only a handful as I'm usually very critical when it comes to pictures of myself! However, I was so surprised to find that I loved almost all of the hundreds of pictures Michel showed us (note: these were just the unedited photos)! It was nearly impossible to narrow them down to ~30 favorites. I've received tons and tons of compliments on these photos and truly treasure them.

My fiancé and I are so glad we found Michel and Sarah and might just put them on speed dial soon. We've already planned two more future sessions for more headshots and puppy photos! Highly, highly recommend. Thank you both!!"

Sarah L.

"He is very professional and takes awesome pictures. He really makes customer feel comfortable with his own humorous character and treat customers special taking our suggestions positively. It was easy to take a session with him cause he know which way of pose are good for pictures so helped us a lot. He is very supportive and honest. Definitely recommended!!"

Richard Lee

"Michel is an amazing photographer for all occasions. Our family recently took our family picture and the venue / location he chose for us was awesome. Both Sarah and Michel make a wonderful tandem I'm thrilled to have worked with them and highly recommend to anyone looking to take a family photo, hire an event photographer or professional headshot. Thank you Michel and Sarah, you both have the velvet touch with people and made the whole experience a wonderful outing."

Hae Jung Lee

"5 stars!! Excellent services! Very professional great with kids!!
Definitely coming back. Recommend to everyone."

Soon Hee Kim

"Nice and professional photographer, took awesome pictures for my kid 😘👍"

Ji Hyea Sohn

"Amazing! The photographer is super professional, me and my daughter were enjoying the photoshoot time. I scheduled the photoshoot for my LinkedIn profile and my family photo.
Kids never felt bored even they wanted to more photos afterwards. Hilghy recommends to people who wants to have a family photo and the profile picture for work."

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